Operations Management Software
for the
Volumetric Concrete Delivery Industry

 BOBware brings a suit of tools to help you manage, grow and optimize what your concrete delivery company can be. We work with startups to existing businesses. You will likely both grow your business and become more profitable using our proven tools. The best way to understand this powerful productivity tool and how you would benefit is to get a full onscreen demo. Call now to learn more at 866-NEED-BOB (866-633-3262)

Brief Overview of BOBware™

BOBware, Call For a Demo. 866-NEED-BOB (866-633-3262)

Why Worry About Dispatching

With our drag and drop scheduling system, you will be able to quickly look at the scheduling screen for each truck to find when a truck may be idle

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Print Tickets

BOBware™ prints the delivery ticket or invoice in the truck at the time the delivery is made. This may speed up your cash flow.

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How About Ticketing

Order Entry: Enter all of the information about an order in one place, quickly and easily.
Ticketing/Invoicing: Create tickets/invoices for your customers quickly and easily from existing orders

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GPS Truck Location

BOBware™ tracks the location of each of your trucks at any given moment on google maps.

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What About Reports

Additionally, BOBware™ generates reports on daily deliveries with summaries by driver, truck, order, or customer. There are also reports for tracking a driver's production or a truck's production

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Sales Tax Reporting

During the initial implementation, the set up for sales tax reporting is done. This includes setting up all delivery cities within a 100 mile radius with their appropriate tax rates. Those tax rates are entered and verified during the initial implementation.

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