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BOBware™ Terms and Conditions



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AMS Software, Inc. does not intend, endorse, or otherwise further discrimination. If any language or representation on this site evinces a position contrary to that, said language and/or representation does not express views held by AMS Software, Inc.

As a website may be altered by persons outside of AMS Software, Inc. and/or its agents, it may be necessary to confirm the veracity of any information on this site with a representative of AMS Software, Inc. or an agent thereof. Further, it may happen that the information contained on the site does not reflect or represent views held by AMS Software, Inc., its owners, employees, agents, or representatives. AMS will work to correct any gross deviations from the purpose of the website as soon as reasonably possible.

This website may become inoperable from time to time for maintenance, repairs, changes, and other activities. AMS Software, Inc. will not be responsible for any harm suffered by any party if the website is inoperable. Further, AMS Software, Inc. at its sole discretion may permanently cease operation of this website. AMS will not be liable for any harm due to such operational changes. AMS Software, Inc. may also elect to discontinue or change site affiliations. AMS will not be liable for any harm due to changes in links provided on the site and/or the operability of the site linked.

Any guarantees or warranties discussed on this website are subject to the terms and conditions contained in the contract between AMS Software, Inc. and Customer.


AMS reserves the right to collect information about any viewer who accesses the website by any means. Use of this site by the viewer grants AMS the privilege to collect any information it may choose. AMS may collect information directly or indirectly. AMS may, at its sole discretion, place a cookie or equivalent, as the term is commonly used in Internet lexicon, or other information on the viewer's computer. AMS may later access the cookie or equivalent at its discretion.


Any problems with this site should be directed to support@bobware.biz. Please put 'Webmaster' in the subject line.


All prices indicated for the software and ongoing Truck fees or other costs and representations of cost are current as of July 2002. Prices may change from time to time or be affected by a Customer's unique circumstances. Prices for software sold to a Customer whose business location is outside of the United States or whose business includes locations outside of the United States may also have unique pricing. Please consult a representative for current pricing.

Money Back Guarantee/Refund Policy

If a customer is not satisfied with the Software for any reason, the customer may return the Software and any Third Party Software provided by AMS, within 60 days after delivery, for a full refund of any License and Support Fees and Third Party License Fees paid to AMS. Refunds will be made only if Customer returns the electronic media on which the Software and Third Party Software was delivered (without retaining any copies), with all associated documentation and packaging, postage prepaid to AMS accompanied by a refund authorization number. Software and Third Party Software kept for more than 60 days will be deemed accepted. Any refund under this section will not include fees paid to AMS for training, customization, or other services.

There may be additional conditions and terms included in the contract between AMS and the customer that control the Money Back Guarantee.

AMS' return policy for computer hardware, other peripheral items, and other services varies depending on the equipment, item, or service. Please contact AMS for information regarding product/service specific policies.


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