Real Time GPS Tracking Of Each Truck

Know where each of your trucks are and how fast they are going at any given time. You see the history of the location and speed of truck by just entering the date and time range. If a customer calls and says, where is the delivery, you can look at a screen and be able to tell exactly where the truck is (hasn't left last job or just around the corner).


BOBware™ GPS Tracking

Track Each Truck

 The trucks are tracked on a google map every 30 seconds. You can easily see where each truck is at any given time.

Speed of Truck

 Not only do you know where each truck is, you can see it's speed at any given time. This can be a tremendous safety benefit.

History of Truck

 You can see the truck location and speed for any day the last five years. That is how long the data is kept. Just give the system the date and time range you want to see. This will cut down on drivers using the trucks for side jobs on Saturdays.