Hosted Application, You Do Not Need a Server

You Do Not Need a Server to run our software for your business. You need a computer with good internet access, but no server. The software runs in the cloud. This means you don’t have to maintain servers and computers for the purpose of running this software. You only have to be able to communicate with the cloud. Below are details concerning what we think are best practices for that communication concerning tablets, printers, etc.

Hosted In The Cloud

 This means you don't need a server, just a device with good internet service.

Larger Screen

 You may want to use a tablet for the benefit of the larger screen. The larger screen size enables the Customer to review the Delivery Ticket information before signing for the delivery with the optional Apple Pencil. You can also have an optional Pre Delivery Authorization.

Print Ticket In The Truck

 Currently a completed Delivery Ticket is emailed from BOBware to the Driver’s iPhone as a PDF, where it can be printed while at the job site. The Driver prints the Delivery Ticket from the iPhone to an HP Mobile Jet 200 wireless printer.

Completed Ticket

 The driver will be able to complete the ticket in the field rather than have a completed ticket sent from the office.

Truck Equipment

 You will need an iPhone or iPad with a ruggedized case and cellular service capability. You want to select most reliable cell provider.