In Field Devices

When the concrete delivery is done, just print the invoice / ticket in the truck to give to the customer.

BOBware InField Benefits

Email Ticket To Drivers Cell

 The detail for the job is emailed to the drivers cell phone in a pdf file. Then the driver prints the pdf file on a wireless printer sitting in the truck.

Print Invoice In The Truck

 The typical printer used is a wireless HP Mobile Jet printer.

Invoice Customized For You

 The ticket or invoice is customized during the initial set up to have your logo and contact information.

BOBware In Field Devices

Email Tickets

 Each day, the delivery tickets for a particular truck are emailed to an iPhone in the possession of the truck driver.

Print in Truck

 Once the job is completed, the printer in the truck can complete the job ticket or invoice depending on what you want. A typical printer in truck might be an HP Mobile Jet 200 wireless printer. SImple and inexpensive.