Overview of Bobware Features

BOBware consists of the following benefits to help you become a more profitable volumetric concrete delivery company. It is a “dispatching” and “ticketing” system, which is very VISUAL in nature. You can see which jobs are scheduled on the dispatcher’s screen and on other screens in the office, as well as cell phones or tablets as you so require. For each truck and for each day, you can see a column on the screen which represents the hours of that day. If a job is scheduled for a certain time of the day, it is clear from the screen that the job is scheduled, about how much time it should take, and other job details.

Optimized Scheduling

 This is the biggest benefit of our system. Because of the visual nature of our scheduling system, you will be able to do a better job of dispatching the trucks. For many or most of our customers, that equates to scheduling an extra job each day. Instead of 3 deliveries per day, you can start getting four on many days. That is like a 25% increase in revenue.


Sales Tax Reporting

 During the initial implementation, the set up for sales tax reporting is done. This includes setting up all delivery cities within a 100 mile radius with their appropriate tax rates. Those tax rates are entered and verified during the initial implementation.

Sales Tax

Training and Support

 We use interactive screen sharing tools to work with you and your personnel to get you comfortable with the software. We can set up work sessions around your schedules.

Training and Support

In Field Devices

A completed Delivery Ticket is emailed from BOBware to the Driver’s iPhone as a PDF, where it can be printed while at the job site.


Customized Delivery Ticket

 Your choice of delivery ticket is configured and customized with your logo, company name and other declarations. If you are an existing business, your customer information can be imported from another data source (accounting system, excel spread sheet, etc.)

Delivery Ticket

Truck GPS Tracking with Google Maps

 BOBware GPS Tracking updates the truck positions every 30 seconds. (We are changing this to every 10 seconds in the very near future.)

GPS Tracking


 This means you don’t have to maintain servers and computers for the purpose of running this software. It runs in the cloud. You only have to be able to communicate with the cloud. See elsewhere for details concerning what we think are best practices for that communication concerning tablets, printers, etc.


Current Reports Available Now For BOBware™

Daily Ticket Recap Report

 Shows you a list of all the tickets for a day with details about amount delivered, amount billed, driver, truck, mix design, and customer.

Daily Ticket Recap by Customer

 Shows the same information as the Daily Ticket Recap Report broken out by customer, with subtotals for each customer and a grand total for the day.

Cost Report

 Reports on the amount of each raw material and admix used during a given period of time. Also summarizes the average cost per actual yard delivered and the average cost per yard billed. This report can be run for the entire operation.

Daily Ticket Recap by Truck

 Shows the same information as the Daily Ticket Recap Report broken out by truck, with subtotals for each truck and a grand total for the day.

Daily Ticket Recap by Order

 Shows the same information as the Daily Ticket Recap Report broken out by order, with subtotals for each order and a grand total for the day.

Customer Summary

 Reports on all of the orders and deliveries to a customer for a given range of dates.

Daily Ticket Recap by Driver

 Shows the same information as the Daily Ticket Recap Report broken out by driver, with subtotals for each driver and a grand total for the day.

Driver Activity Report

 Shows a summary of delivery information for each driver for a set of days, broken out by day. Provides subtotals for each driver.

System Requirements

In Field Device

 iPhone or iPad with a ruggedized case. Choose the best cellular service for your area. The Driver prints the Delivery Ticket from the iPhone to an HP Mobile Jet 200 wireless printer.

Server Requirements



 You don't need a server. You just need a device suitable to communicate via email to the drivers and also be suitable to run our software, which runs on the cloud. Good internet service is important.