Membership in Associations

BOBware™ is dedicated to help you become a larger and more profitable company. If you get a BOBware™ Demo, you get one year's free membership in these two associations. If you buy BOBware™ or any of the other marketing programs, you will get membership as long as you participate in the other program(s). (Website design and hosting, or google adwords set up and management or purchase the video package.)

Short Load Concrete Companies of America and

Readymix and Pumping Companies of America

There are two benefits of membership. First is you might be seen on the association website and get a call. Second, the association will link back to your website, (called backlinks). BackLinks are a very important search engine optimization technique. Google treats this effort as a "recommendation" by the associations. This is a valuable component of google's algorithm. There are numerous articles that enforce this thought. Just open google and enter "are backlinks good for google position". Over 7.9 million search results saying “yes, backlinks are good for getting on the front of google". And Google has confirmed that backlinks remain one of their three most important search engine ranking factors.